Wine workshop in Provence


During your stay in France, Deluxe France Travel has selected for you a VIP gourmet experience through this private wine Workshop in Provence.

Provence & South East of France hosts some of the best lands for wine growing. With this experience we will more focus on the Vallée du Rhône, and more specifically Châteauneuf du Pape.

With your private Sommeliers , in one of the most famous cave of Châteauneuf du Pape, you will understand better how to match your wine with your food.

You will first start with a visit of the Cellars where wine is aged in oak Barrels. You will then have a presentation of the controlled appellation (AOC) Châteauneuf du Pape and its specificities (climate, soil composition, grape varieties...)

Last but not least you will discover with your private Sommeliers how to match your wine with your favorite food. You can choose among:

  • Wine & Cheese: If you wish to understand how to match your wine and your cheese this is the perfect workshop for you. You will taste different Châteauneuf du Pape wines & local cheese with the explanations of our sommeliers  to show you the range of aromas, tastes, colors & textures
  • Wine & Chocolate: If you are a real Gourmet, you definitely want to know what will be the perfect wine to match with your chocolate desert. Our sommelier will be introducing the similarities of the worlds of Wine & Chocolate through & local Wine & Chocolate tasting
  • Wine & Aromas: This workshop is done for those who want to be initiated or expand their knowledge of wine tasting. Your Sommeliers will introduce the 54 aromas that can be found in Wine, and train your palette & nose in an entertaining way putting each of your senses into action.

Don't hesitate to ask our Deluxe France travel experts to organize your day with a private driver or driver/Guide &/or Sommelier, and book for different wine experiences during your private tour in Provence.

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