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Experience the Roman Sites in Provence Private Tour


Immerse yourself in roman heritage in Provence and travel back in time visiting the main roman sites and its extensive ruins! Nîmes, Arles, Uzes, Pont du Gard... Deluxe France takes you on a unique tour!

Highlights of the Roman Sites in Provence Private Tour


- Enjoy a comfortable ride with your private driver throughout the picturesque landscapes of Provence

- Site by site travel back to the Roman times visiting the roman sites like the Majestic Pont du Gard

- Discover majestic roman ruins like the well preseved amphiteathre from Arles and Nîmes

- Visit the most preserved roman theater in the world in Orange!

Full Description of the Roman Sites in Provence Private Tour


Deluxe France & its own team of drivers & guides will lead you to the major Romans sites in Provence. Not to be missed during your stay in the South of France! Join the heart of Roman heritage in Provence: Arles, a lively town dating back to the 7th century BC. Its great Roman sites, the Arena and the Theater inspired by the colosseum in Rome which are integrated into modern buildings. The city has a charming old town where you can walk around the narrow streets. Fun fact: in the Middle Ages, a real city was built inside the ramparts of the colosseum that was not until the 18th century that it was cleared to protect its status of historical monument. Nowadays it is used for concerts the Feria d'Arles and plays. Don't forget to visit the Alyscamps, the large Roman necropolis, one of the most famous of the Ancient World!

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Next, discover Nîmes, the Rome of France! It's a real trip back in time with reminders of the Roman Empire. The well preserved Amphitheater, the Maison Carré (Squared house), the only temple of ancient Rome entirely preserved and the Tour Magne, the most substantial surviving feature along the wall, rising today to 33 metres: a defensive structure and an expression of status and political power.

Reach an iconic place of this itinerary: Pont du Gard, the largest Aqueduct of the Roman Empire still standing. An architectural gem that will definitely be one charling highlight of your trip!

Finish your day reaching Orange, or “Arausio” as it was originally named by the Romans, founded in 35 BC: the Arc de Triomphe and Antique Theater. An honorary passage and symbol of the empire’s glory, the Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch) marked the boundary between the original city and world of the dead. Set in the heart of Orange, the incredibly well-preserved Théâtre Antique (Roman Theatre), boasts extraordinary acoustics and provides the magnificent setting for the internationally-renowned shows. It is one of the best preserved Roman theaters in the world.

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