Perfume Workshop & Glass Blowing on the Riviera



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Experience the Private Perfume & Glass Blowing on the Riviera


The Riviera has a long history in both perfume making in Grasse and glass blowing in Biot, traditions going back to antiquity and the medieval days. Deluxe France created a crafty itinerary where you can have both the private perfume and glass blowing course and enjoy the best of this beautiful region.

Highlights of the Private Perfume & Glass Blowing on the Riviera


-Discover the spectacular landscapes of the region from the comfort of a luxury car with your private driver

-Visit Grasse, capital of perfume, and create your own perfume (workshop)

-Enjoy a lunch break in any of our recommended restaurants

-Visit Biot and create your own glass blowing piece!

Full Description of Private Perfume & Glass Blowing on the Riviera


Start your private Tour in Grasse, located on the Route Napoleon also known as the balcony of the Mediterranean as it beautifully overlooks the ocean! It is also considered to be the world capital of perfume making. In fact, Grasse is home to special flowers like myrtle, lavender, roses, orange flowers, mimosas and of course jasmine. It is in Grasse that mythical perfumes have been created for houses like Dior and Chanel who by the way has its own rose fields here!  Enjoy strolling through the winding streets and old squares of the city before your perfume workshop. Then, helped by a professional nose assistant, you will get to make your own perfume in any of the famous and most ancient perfume houses in of the world and in France!

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After the workshop, you may want to have lunch. Before your next workshop.

Move on to your next activity. Your driver will then take you to Biot a fortified medieval town known as the 'City of Arts and Crafts', an incredible hilltop village where craftsmen have been producing beautiful ceramics since Antiquity and later evolved to glass making specialized in jars and large storage containers for food and wine exported since the 16th century throughout the Mediterranean, America and India! Examples of which, including antique pieces and more modern bubble-blown glass, are displayed in the local history and ceramics museum. The characteristics of Biot style glass is that there are small bubbles formed inside the glass which are created by sprinkling bicarbonate, creating a unique local style!  Enjoy a glassblowing workshop experience in a little bubble-blown glass workshop.


If you desire to visit more of this region and enjoy a French Riviera Private Tour that includes the coast of the Riviera 

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About this activity

📍 Pick up and drop off conditions

-Meet at your place of stay in the French Riviera.


☑️ Includes

-Includes the perfume and glass blowing workshops

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Our Local expert tips


+Are perfume workshops kid friendly?
There are 3 different perfume houses in Grasse, if you have children please let us know their ages so we can ask in each one of the usines what are the options for them!
+Guidelines about the perfume workshop
Duration: Between 2 and 3 hours depending on the Perfume House With an interactive and entertaining approach , our “Nose” will explain to you the architecture of a good perfume. It consists of  the “Top Note” (peak), Middle Note (heart note), and Base Note (fond note). Our experts will evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classifications of the large families of scents along with their typical components. Then, he or she will conclude by describing the basic principles of creating a harmonious, balanced and well rounded formula. It is within this framework that you become capable of giving free rein to your imagination. You will now create your own unique fragrance, for woman, man or unisex. You will leave the workshop with a 100ml bottle personalized with your name or the name you have chosen for your new creation.  Your unique formula will be recorded in our confidential database for you to re-order at your convenience (in Parfum, Eau de Parfum, body lotion, shower gel or scent diffuser). All the necessary equipment is provided. Included :
  • Personalized Eau de Parfum, 100ml bottle (optional spray bottle on site)
  • Diploma as a Student of Perfume
+What if I have a large group?
This activity will have a maximum of 7 travelers. Our booking agent will have to customize this tour if your group is larger.

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