Paris Food Markets


Deluxe France proposes you a private Paris Food markets tour to discover the numerous markets that have spread through Paris over the centuries.

Structuring and bringing to life the shopping districts of the Capital, the history of those Parisian markets finds it origins in the 15th century “Palu” Markets on the Cité Island, by the times when the city was still called “Lutèce”. In 1860, Paris counted on more than 51 market places dedicated for hawkers. The Food Market Tour will make you discover the interesting history of the neighborhoods where the markets are located, as well as the most remarkable anecdotes of Parisian markets. Enjoy the ritual of market shopping previous to a delicious French meal, and learn how to choose the most adequate products. Do not hesitate to ask your guide to give you his/her best cooking recipe! Fan of baguettes since you arrived in France? We propose you to come behind the counter of a real boulangerie! Discover more about traditional French breads and get to taste them as soon as they are taken out from the ovens.

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