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Explore the Catacombs in Paris throughout a private tour and gain vip access to spooky places. Learn about the hidden history behind the memorial of millions of unnamed deceased people that were moved from old cemeteries to the underground world! 

Highlights of the Paris Catacombs Private Tour


-Discover the both morbid and poetically made underground maze made of human bones

-Access closed to the public chambers with your VIP access

-Enjoy insights from your private guide for an exciting underground tour

Full Description of the Paris Catacombs Private Tour


Visit the Legendary Paris Catacombs and discover the history of this mysterious underground maze.
*Please note that entry to this site is very restricted and timed entry tickets have to be booked at a specific time* please ask us if you desire to have a guided visit which will also depend on the availability of tickets and availability of the guide*!

How it all started... Dating back to the 18th century, the Innocents Cemetery near the St. Eustache church in The Halles commercial area had become a focus of infection to the neighbors of the quarter. Having received many complaints, the State Council pronounced the suppression and eviction of this ancient graveyard. All the burial-ground’s bones were transferred to the underground quarries of Paris, which had already been adapted to become the new municipal cemetery. Between 1786 and 1814 these pits were the resting site of bones coming from every Parisian cemetery. After being in intensive masonry works, the Paris Catacombs opened their doors for public visits in 2005, becoming once again, an attraction of the legendary Paris for tourists and locals.

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During your visit your private guide will give your insights about every place and take you to rooms that are closed to the public fro a vip access. You will enter rooms like the Skull Chapel or the Empire of Death.


Did you know the part open to the public consists in around 1.5km/1 mile of underground tunnels, carved from limestone and neatly lined with the remains of some six million corpses! And this only represents a tiny section of the vast network. As odd and morbid as they can be, they are the result of modern, more hygienic and efficient ways of managing human remains. And their almost poetic curation into a ‘museum’ of sorts is connected to the development of the tourism industry in the 19th century– another distinctly modern phenomenon.


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About this activity

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-Meet at Place de Vosges.


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-Private walking tour with licensed English speaking guide
-Skip the line tickets

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+Informations about this tour
Tour is operated in English, other languages on request. for a private guided tour please contact us early enough because there are a lot of requests for few slots.
Extra activities can be purchased during the booking process.
+What if I have a large group?
This activity will have a maximum of 7 travelers. Our booking agent will have to customize this tour if your group is larger.

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