Normandy Upper Coastline Tour from Le Havre


Start your Normandy Coastline Tour from Le Havre to Etretat. You will reach the road along the Alabaster Coast (Côte d’Albâtre) where Etretat shines brightest with its famous chalk cliffs. Bordered by a dike-promenade (Perrey), the pebble beach is framed by the famous white chalk cliffs. A beautiful view that attracted and inspired a number of painters (Monet, Corot, Boudin ...), filmmakers and writers.


To the left of the pebble-stone beach is Aval cliff with its huge arch, Aval door. The Aiguille, 71m/233ft high, stands a little further out at sea, surrounded by wave. Don't hesitate to go to the top of the chalk cliff of Amont, the site of the small Notre-Dame de-la-Garde chapel and the Nugesser-et-Coli monument, the sweeping view over Étretat and its picturesque site is splendid.


Continue and finish your tour at Fécamp which has long been the "capital" of French Newfoundland for cod fishing. The city also has a beautiful pebble beach, its classification City of art and history and its flagship museum, that of the Fisheries. Don't miss the Benedictine Palace, built in neo-Gothic, neo-Renaissance styles for Alexandre Le Grand, the entrepreneur who developed the herbal drink, Benedictine. You can visit and have a drink tasting here. Today, the palace incorporates a distillery and an eccentric museum packed with art treasures and curios. Documents and objects related to the production of Benedictine from the end of the 19th century to the present are also displayed. The adjacent halls provide an aromatic account of the 27 herbs and spices that g into making the liquor. After you pass through the laboratory and cellars toward the end of the visit, you will sample the Benedictine liquor.

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