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Experience a Luxury Boat Dinner Cruise in Paris


Embark on a dinner boat cruise on a luxurious and intimate setting evoking the Art Deco style of  the 1930's transatlantic cruise liners. Combine landscape, boat refinement and haute cuisine for an unforgettable experience à la Française. 

Highlights of  the Luxury Boat Dinner Cruise in Paris


-Discover the 'City of Light' and the magic of the Seine River

- Enjoy a refined 5 course menu and with fine wine

- Experience the comfort and intimate setting of a refined luxurious boat

Full Description of the Luxury Boat Dinner Cruise in Paris


Enjoy the most beautiful dinner cruise in Paris along the Seine combining a landscape visit of the monuments, the elegance of a boat and and a delightful gastronomic dinner. The Seine is the artery where the blood of Paris is continuosly flowing with the season and the life around in the city. Deluxe France takes you to experience an unforgettable voyage and luxury boat dinner. 

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The Don Juan II possesses all the charm and elegance of a great yacht. You will embark on a luxury boat that echoes the transatlantic voyages and head to Nôtre Dame while tasting the amuse-bouche and champagne. Then, the Louvre Museum will be at your sight when the starter and the first glass of wine arrive. At around 10pm you will be invited to the top deck for a one to one date with the Eiffel Tower. Then head to Quai Henry IV while enjoying a second glass of wine followed by exquisite dessert.


Dinner consist on a 5 course menu developed by Guy Krenzer, two-time “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” winner and Creative Director of the Maison Lenôtre, which pays tribute to the opulent variety of tastes and emotions inspired by French haute cuisine. It is accompanied by meticulously selected wines chosen by somelier François Giroud, enhancing the menu exquisitely.


☟ Boarding at 8:40 PM


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About this activity

📍 Pick up conditions

- Embarking at 8:4O PM from Post Henry IV.


☑️ Includes

- Wine
- champagne
- 5 course Menu


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+Welcome aboard - practical info
Boarding time:  7:45 pm. The crew will be waiting for you. At 8:30 pm, the Don Juan II embarks from Port Henri IV. The evening’s enjoyment will thus be experienced at your table along with the five-course menu. You’ll also be briefed on the key moments of the cruise before being left alone to enjoy the Seine.
+What if I have a large group?
This activity will have a limited quantity of passengers depending on the type of boat. Please communicate your desires to Deluxe France's team and we will find the best fit for you.

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