Historic Provence Private Tour

Embark for a trip with your knowledgeable private english speaking driver through historic Provence, visiting iconic cities ranging from 50AC to 1572 such as Nîmes, Pont du Gard or Uzès.

Embark for a memorable trip with your knowledgeable private english speaking driver through this historic Provence private Tour

Although officially situated in the Languedoc region, Deluxe France & its team of drivers/guides proposes you to discover Nîmes, proudly claiming its position as part of Provence through its Roman heritage, much of which is still evident in the fine architecture throughout the city. Then discover the magnificent Pont du Gard, which stands tall since 50 AC, one of the best known civil engineering feats in the world. We don’t want you to miss Uzès, a magnificent town that offers a wonderful palette of colors during any season. In Summer, don’t miss its blue lavenders and yellow sunflower fields. Once called Uzetia, its duchy, which was created in 1572 still belongs to the same family, the Crusol family of Uzès. The town was classified ville d’art by the Malraux law in 1962.

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