French Riviera Private Tour to Saint Tropez


How can you miss a French Riviera private tour to Saint Tropez?

You will be driven along the Mediterranean coast to the middle of the Esterel National Park. Admire its red cliffs, its wild forest and its calanques. Explore the area through the Corniche road that runs between Cannes and St-Raphaël. On the way, you will be able to enjoy a stop at Fréjus to see its me- dieval vestiges. You won’t miss the picturesque village of Port Grimaud with its numerous canals. And last but not least, you will discover with your personal chauffeur guide the famous and lively St Tropez, world famous charming and chic little village, the perfect place to feel French Glamour. Live the beach experience around St. Tropez. The easiest beaches to reach are the Bouillabaisse, the Graniers and the Salins. The trendier will opt for Pampelonne, usually private beaches.

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