Experience Calvados Tasting in Normandy


Become a Calvados connoisseur through this unique  Calvados Tasting experience in the heart of Normandy. But what is Calvados exactly?


Calvados is a distillation from cider made from selected apples. The harvested apples are first pressed into a juice and then fermented into a dry cider. This is how we obtain 'Eau de Vie' which is aging for a minimum of 2 years in oak casks. The maturation is important to create a smooth drink.


Calvados has a long history in the french & specifically Normandy traditions. In the 8th Century Charlemagne mentioned apple Orchards & Brewers. The area which is nowadays still called "Calvados" was created after the French Revolution, but eau de vie de cidre was already called calvados in common usage.


Deluxe France will introduce you to the secrets of transformation and savoir faire that produces calvados through this experience that immerses you into a multi-sensory journey through the centuries from the Vikings to the present day. The Calvados tasting experience includes a private tasting of the best Calvados Brands.

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