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Chocolate & Pastry Food Tour



Add a highlight to your trip in Paris with this unique chocolate & pastry food tour that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Your private guide will take you for a food tour that includes the best chocolatiers in Paris, pastry specialties and ice cream if you desire for summer days at the most prestigious shops in Paris. 

Highlights of the Chocolate & Pastry Food Tour


-Enjoy learning the secrets and history behind the iconic French sweet treats

-Enjoy a walking tour with a private guide that will take you to special and Parisian institutions for tastings

-Taste the best handcraft chocolatiers and majestic pastries

-During the summer days ask for refreshing ice cream institutions in Paris!

Full Description of the Chocolate & Pastry Food Tour


Just like Hemingway 's book, Paris is A Movable Feast, and you will embark on a delightful walking food tour to enjoy a sweet feast tasting a variety of classic French pastries, ice creams and chocolates!


Your guide will go at your own pace while you visit Paris in a different and sweet way! You will be introduced to the history of Chocolate & Pastry Food Tour and get to now anecdotes behind them. You will visit the finest and most prestigious shops in Paris that will sweeten your taste buds!


You will get to visit various artisanal chocolatiers to enjoy the best chocolates Paris has to offer. Added to this, we know the French pastry shines all over the world, the traditional pastry shops, iconic in Paris and that all Parisians love, where you will taste the freshest and best pastry sweets in the world! And for summer days, you can  ask your guide to take you to enjoy local favorite handcrafted ice creams! Yummier impossible!


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About this activity

📍 Meeting Point

-Meeting point to be defined by your guide and depending on your place of stay.


☑️ Includes

- The walking tour with the guide
- The tastings

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+Informations about this Chocolate, pastry & ice cream Food Tour in Paris
The experience is in english.
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For this activity, the maximum number of people is 6.

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