Charming Villages Dordogne Valley

Discover one of the most beautiful region of France: the Charming villages of Dordogne Valley with your private driver guide.

Discover the Charming villages of Dordogne Valley with your private driver guide.

This rich natural and cultural heritage is also part of a welcoming region envied by the sweetness of its art of living and its gastronomy. Thus, to cross the valley of the Dordogne, it is to cross a gastronomy with the thousand and one perfumes composed of noble products (truffles, foie gras, nuts, chestnuts, caviar, lamprey, meats and cold cuts, cheeses), valued on many markets producers as well as through numerous festivities and prestigious tables. Leaving from Bordeaux, your first stop will be Eyzies De Taillac, a prehistoric site world famous for its rock shelters and archaeological vestiges. About 20 minutes from there you will discover St Leon Sur Vezere: dominated by the Côte de Jor, it has the typical charm and authenticity of the medieval villages of the Périgord Noir, with its blond and warm stones, its cove roofs, the maze of its narrow alleys and the presence of the river . Then to Sarlat, city of Arts and History, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in France. Its protected sector, registered in the world guinness book for "the highest density in historic monuments", is rich with 66 monuments classified or registered within a perimeter of 11 hectares. 10 km southwest of Sarlat, on the banks of the Dordogne, Beynac-et-Cazenac reveals its imposing castle, formerly besieged by Richard Coeur de Lion, at the foot of which rest the houses with lauze roofs and blond facades . Your last stop will be La Roque-Gageac: one of the most beloved sites in France, on a par with the Mont-Saint Michel and Rocamadour. With its brown roof tiles, typical rooftops, old-fashioned charm and breathtaking landscapes, La Roque-Gageac is a village that invites you to daydream.

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