Champagne Tour and Tastings from Paris

Immerse yourself in a Champagne tour and discover the facilities, tools and the making techniques with special tastings!

Start off your Champagne Tour and Tastings experience with your private chauffeur who will take you from Paris to Reims, the capital of the sparkling champagne. Discover the fabulous area of Champagne, starting with the deep cellars of Reims, spread over 120km of galleries which have earned a worldwide reputation. Here you will visit one of the world-class champagne houses (choice amongst Veuve Cliquot, Tattinger or Pommery) and enjoying tastings of this unique wine in a splendid decor.


You can have lunch in Reims and enjoy the city and the elegance of its Art Deco facades and a relaxed atmosphere prevailing in the streets and the café-terraces. Don’t forget to visit the Reims cathedral, an exquisite example of Gothic Art.


Continue on the pittoresque roads of this renowned region until you reach Hautvilliers, a charming village where you will be able to admire the old abbey church preserves the remains of Dom Pérignon (1639-1715) a dynamic, modern-thinking young man who injected new life into the Abbey  and transformed the whole culture of wine— from the development and management of the vineyard to the making of the wine itself. Here also you will have a chance to enjoy a tasting from a small authentic producer, Gobillard.


End your Champagne Tour and Tastings visiting the Moet And Chandon property, situated on the 1km-long Avenue de Champagne, and find out what made champagne so special to the world. Another option would be a visit at Mercier.

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