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Experience the Arles & Camargue Private Full Day Tour


Discover the historic wonders of Arles following the roman ruins and van gogh's steps and the natural marshy landscapes of the Camargue and its diverse wildlife and folklor!

Highlights of the Arles & Camargue Private Full Day Tour

- Enjoy a comfortable ride with your private driver to the roman ruins fo Arles and the wild landscapes of Camargue

- Site by site, immerse yourself in the old town and the historical sites in Arles like the famous Roman amphitheatre

-Delight your senses with the fauna and flora of the marshy area of Camargue

- Immerse in the gypsy atmosphere of Saintes Marie de la Mer and the events running during the summer

-Visit the vast and sandy beaches near Saintes Marie, a real delight!

Full Description of the Walking Tour in Arles


Your day trip will start in Arles, a UNESCO World Heritage site, major city in Roman times and religious centre in the Middle Ages. You will love visiting the Roman arenas, the Great Amphitheater (90 AD), as well as the 12 century St Trophime’s church or the Alyscamps ("Champs-Élysées"), which was one of the most prestigious necropolises in the West. This city is also famous for being the inspirational home of Van Gogh for a few years. You will then be driven to Saintes-Maries-de- la-Mer, along the Camargue region, a light-drenched landscape, where the sea blends in with the sky in a breathtaking scenery of marshes, horses, flamingos and diverse nature and bird species animating fields and salt lakes, in the largest river delta in Europe, the Rhone Delta.

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Firstly, in Arles you will immerse in the narrow streets of the old town and visit its most important roman treasures. Did you know that in the Middle Ages, Arles was built inside the ramparts of the colosseum? It was not until the 18th century that it was cleared to protect its status of historical monument. Nowadays it is used for concerts for the Feria d'Arles and plays. The Alyscamps, the large Roman necropolis just outside the walls of old Arles. It was in fact one of the most famous necropolises of the Ancient World later eternalized in the paintings of Gauguin and Van Gogh!

Learn more about Van Gogh's art and life by visiting the Van Gogh Foundation which promotes his artistic heritage and artworks from other contemporary artists. You will get to see the famous Café Terrace at Night, The Night Café, and Van Gogh’s Chair. Or if you like more contemporary art visit the Luma Foundation. Finally don't miss the 12th century  Saint Trophime Church and its amazing cloister.

Continue your tour to Camargue, a unique marshy landscape of the Rhône estuary that is by the way one of the most important nature reserves in Europe! Discover the historic natural  swampy area of the Camargue and its diverse wildlife and folklor! Look out for Camargue horses, pink flamingoes, and black bulls in the horizon; Camargue has around 400 species of birds! then visit the Camargue village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

This town with a unique character that is grouped around the church is almost completely surrounded by water and takes its name from the belief that the aunt of Jesus and Marie Salomé were washed in the shores of the town when they arrived from Palestine. The atmosphere is festive during the summer with bull events like bull fighting, flamenco dance and concerts! You can visit nearby beaches like Plage des Amphores or Plage Crin Blanc. 

Want to visit Arles differently? Check out our walking tour in Arles (click here).

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